I first have to start off by saying im terrible at blogging.

I’m inconsistent.

I’m probably not doing SEO correctly.

It’s work. A lot of work. And when you’re shooting non-stop and have a ton of photos to get to it’s anxiety inducing to think about having to write a blog for your session.

But that’s changing at least for right now.

Because I had the amazing amazing amazing (one more amazing?) AMAZING pleasure of getting to document Chelsea and Lloyd’s wedding day.

Let me first start off by saying how much I love backyard weddings and the benefits of having a backyard wedding -

They’re low key.

They’re low stress.

They’re often charming as hell.

And this wedding was all of those plus some.

It really is a testament that you don’t need a large ornate venue with hundreds of people and fancy plates and center pieces in order to have an amazing wedding.

all you need is a beautiful setting (lots of trees help). a little bit of Pinterest inspiration and you can have something amazing.

It really isn’t that hard.

So if you’re having issues wrangling in your wedding planning. It’s starting to get bigger than you’d like, or you’re a low key intimate person like myself. I highly recommend giving a backyard wedding a go.

But anyway, I’ll just shut up and let you see for yourself lol.