Hi, I am Jeff!

First and foremost, if you haven't caught wind of my personality already, I'll just say, I'm sure that it's a bit different than other photographer's websites you've been on. I'm very forthright, fun loving, super personable and relaxed.

And I hope to find those same characteristics in my couples. Because, in all seriousness (for once), I'm more than just another vendor you have to hire for your wedding. Our working relationship is very personal and intimate. Hell, I will be spending more time with you on your wedding day than your closest family members.

And that's why I typically become friends with most of my clients. Our relationship will shape your images. Your comfort, vulnerability, excitement, all of that, will be dictated on our relationship.

Now a little about me:

I'm a bearded, tattooed, fun loving big dork that was born and raised in Southern California, which means Dodgers, Del Taco, traffic, and skateboarding have been infused in my very being. With the latter being what actually got me into photography. Don’t tell anyone, but I always wanted to be a staff photographer/filmer for Thrasher magazine.

Maybe one day lol

After spending some time having amazing opportunities getting to skate and film alongside skateboarders I looked up to when I was younger, I decided I should go to film school to further my craft.

After finishing school I had the incredible opportunity to work with a wonderful lifestyle brand that allowed me to work together with some of the greatest talents in the music industry. Providing me to travel and capture things I have never dreamt I would be able to.

Then the recession hit. The industry went stagnant. And there started a new journey and chapter in my life, which was to move out east to the great state of Virginia to get a 'real' job. Which inevitably lead me right back to my main love, photography.

Now here you are. Reading the end of this 'About Me' (if you made it this far haha) and hopefully think, "I'd really love to have Jeff photograph us!" or at least want to grab a beer, cookie or burrito.