I was once asked,

“What is our job/duty as a photographer?”

my answer,


I'm going to be straight up, getting married is one of the most stressful, anxiety inducing BUT also so very damn exciting life events you will ever have (aside from getting a new puppy/kitten, beating Mario Bros or having a kid).

You’re spending so much time on the all the little details, what delicious food you’re going to have, choosing a DJ that wont fall flat, table decor, and who you're inviting, I get it.

And now you have photography, probably the last thing on your list to check off.

This shit is overwhelming. I know from experience. And I can't help with any of that, sorry lol. But what I can do is make your photography experience one that will allow you to be comfortable through the one thing you're probably dreading the most, having your photo taken, if it will be any good, and will you love the results.

You can talk to any client of mine. If there's one thing that they loved just as much or possibly more than my photos, it was the ability for them to feel relaxed, comfortable and have fun while shooting. I hate a stiff photo. You hate a stiff photo. I think everyone can agree that stiff photos are, well, just that.

Not with me. Not your photos.

So you ready to do this?

Hi I'm Jeff

Also, don't let the portrait fool you. I'm a big softy that gets misty when I watch Pixar movies and enjoys being surrounded plants lol

With that, welcome to my website that has many examples of awesome images that I'm proud of and that I hope to take for you some day.

In addition to being a softy, im also pretty silly, I definitely don't take myself serious, and I love clients who aren't afraid to be the same.

I hope to be fortunate enough to be able to capture your beautiful memories.

Hi, im the little button Jeff mentioned to click



“Absolute Dream Come True!

Working with Jeff was an absolutely amazing experience, and he captured our special day in a way that we only could have dreamed of. We hired Jeff to shoot both our engagement photos, as well as our wedding, and in both cases, he far exceeded our expectations. Jeff was fun, professional, helpful, creative, communicative, and an absolute dream to work with in every possible way.”

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