I am so looking forward to our work together... It's so exciting to bring your whole self to your brand and grow your business through this powerful work we will be doing together.

The photography we use in our marketing communicates so much about us...

It's important to share a true representation of yourself that lights you up and connects with your ideal clients... bringing your realness, uniqueness and personality to the touch points you have with your community. 

Finding clarity in yourself, your business and how you're moving forward helps you to get the most out of your shoot, and allows us to plan a session that's truly in alignment with your brand.

When you love the photographs you're using and feel excited to share them, it not only inspires your clients and followers, but also inspires you to interact more fully online and bring your message to the world.

Here’s a powerful and thought provoking questionnaire which will allow us to get the most preparation for shoots. Find some quiet space to connect within, reflect on your journey, your business, personal brand and your plans moving forward. You're welcome to simply feel into these questions before we speak to bring some clarity for yourself before our call, or complete and send your answers to the questionnaire if you wish (I will then email over to you so you have a copy of your responses too!).

There is absolutely no right or wrong way to do this... Feel free to express your thoughts in the most natural way to you, and fill out as much as feels good to you.

I am so looking forward to learning more about you!

Thank you for trusting me to capture you on your journey.