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Modern images for the modern couples


Love is one of the most unmistakable feelings you will experience in your lifetime (the flu is another). It's physical effects infused with the emotional. It's contagious. It's infectious. It's beautiful (love, not the flu).

Let’s document your love together.


And yes, you can have images like these without starting a GoFundMe or selling a kidney.

— Testimonials —

Bethany + Dakota Wedding portriats-102.jpg

Jeff did absolutely incredible with capturing the most perfect moments.. not just within ourselves (Bride and groom) but with everyone that was at the wedding. His work is something you would see in a magazine or on Pinterest really.

10/10 recommend.

Bethany + Dakota

Katie + Chris drone.jpg

Choosing Jeff for our wedding day was a no brainer! There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that my husband and I will work with him again.

Katie + Chris

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Jeff is absolutely exceptional. His photos speak for themselves, but what they don't tell you is how easy and fun he is to work with.He has a really unique ability to capture people's energy and see the beauty in his surroundings… Hands down, the best choice we made was to hire Jeff!

Jeannie + Jayme



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