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How to mount your flash without a light stand

hris Cameron, a New Zealand-based photographer, has an awesomely clever kit he created to mount his flash to any tree or pole. The configuration focuses on a plastic “dog bone” that you can make for yourself with a 3D printer. The application is limited but when you need to get a light were a stand can't go this is a fantastic and simple set up



Snow Crazy

When you’ve been stuck in the house for two days only to go out to shovel a bit just for it to get covered again, you get a little stir crazy.

So when we decided to go for a walk to 1. Assess how our neighborhood faired and 2. Get snacks from the local corner store, it was a much needed outing.

And we couldn’t have gone at a better time. Once we stepped out I new I would have to snap a photo of Phia with the lovely sunset in the background.

Fortunately I had a C-stand in the house already with a speedlite on it. All I had to do is throw on a modifier real quick and grab a couple of shots.

And literally that’s what it was. Well I believe it was 3, don’t sue me.

Either way I liked how it turned out and ,by the way, she did this pose all be herself. Guess she’s used to me using her as a test subject all the time.

Hope everyone had a safe weekend. It’s going to be an interesting few more days dealing with the left over snow.





DIY Sparkly reflector Lighting

No matter the style of photography you do, great lighting doesn’t have to cost you an arm, leg, or your first born. Just do a quick search online for “DIY Photography Lighting” and you’ll quickly realize that all you really need is self motivation and a great dose of creativity.

check out one really good example below.