I love engagement sessions. They're a perfect way for me to meet and get to know my clients before their big day. It's also a way for them to get used to having a camera pointed at them for 8+ hours lol.

The other reason why I love them is because I get to shoot at locations I haven't done a session at before. For as many times as I have shot in DC, I've never had a session in the Eastern Market.

And today was a perfect day to do it.

For a July day it wasn't what you would have expected for a DC summer day. It was warm but a nice summer breezy kind of day warm. Like lemonade lying on cool grass kind of day.

Perfect for portraits.

Speaking about portraits, here are a few of many favorites from that lovely engagement session. It was all giddy smiles and snuggles. 

Murdock - Lee Engagement-103.jpg
Murdock - Lee Engagement-110.jpg
Murdock - Lee Engagement-114.jpg
Murdock - Lee Engagement-112.jpg
Murdock - Lee Engagement-132.jpg
Murdock - Lee Engagement-102.jpg
Murdock - Lee Engagement-83.jpg