Every once in a while I will have the opportunity to work with a couple that you can tell the love is just pouring out of their ears. Granted, every couple I photograph are in love (I hope at least lol) but with some, it explodes out of them. And Allison and Michael were that very couple.

I mean look at the photos and tell me you aren't smiling yourself.

Allison and Michael-5.jpg

It's contagious!

I digress...So we meet at the National Gallery of Art (which happens to be one of my all time favorite locations to shoot it) and the magic, as they say, proceeded to happen.

With that, I would like to share Allison's perspective on the session.

Mike and I both thought that taking professional pictures was going to be awkward. So when we first began the shoot Mike started telling me a bunch of silly jokes - which is why you'll see me with a full on 32 tooth smile in a lot of the pictures. He had me dying laughing so much that I had to tell him to stop or our pictures were going to come out looking crazy! But you made us feel at ease and we had a great time. I especially enjoyed us singing to each other - which I should probably apologize for again! LOL. A last little tidbit of information was that shortly before the engagement session, we found out that we were expecting a baby, so these pictures are actually double special for us!

(Stay tuned for some of those baby photos by the way😉)

Allison and Michael-8.jpg
Allison and Michael-13.jpg
Allison and Michael-22.jpg
Allison and Michael-17.jpg
Allison and Michael-23.jpg
Allison and Michael-26.jpg
Allison and Michael-38.jpg
Allison and Michael-49.jpg