What do you do as a photographer to get your clients relaxed and ready to shoot? Or what has a photographer done to get you comfortable in front of the camera? (leave your stories in the comments below).

I can tell you what I did for Sophie and Grant. 

Considering these two are world class salsa dancers (I may be embellishing), I figured it would be a great idea to put on some salsa music. 

In the middle of this classically beautiful garden at Dumbarton Oaks.

And it was perfect! (see for yourself :P)

With that, It's always exciting and nerve racking working at a completely brand new location. You're not familiar where the light is best, if there are any areas that are even photogenic, or even really where to go in general.

I try to do a little research online by googling a location. Looking up images or street view. so I have an idea of what to expect. But unfortunately, like most of us photographers know too well, the images online aren't great or inspiring at all. 

So sometimes you just have to wing it. Let your experience take over and more importantly, help your clients make the space and not the other way around.

With all that said, this is how I felt about Dumbarton Oaks. I honestly hadn't ever heard of it. The photos looked nice online, but never had been there before, I didn't know what I was in for. 

To be humbly honest lol, all I knew was I would get amazing photos of Sophie and Grant regardless. Primarily because it's hard to not get great photos of two attractive and charismatic people. 

Granted. There's a nominal fee to get in. 

It's definitely worth it!

There's so many beautiful nooks and crannies that you can literally shoot there until the place closes. Which we did (Security actually had to wrangle us since we wanted to stay forever).

I won't continue to ramble on, gushing about how awesome Dumbarton is, and how amazing Sophie and Grant are. I'll let you just enjoy the photos and see for yourself.