This is what it looks like when you marry the person you initially didn't have any interest in. Then they charmed you. Then they give you an adorable little boy which leads to you getting married in one of America's most historical cities.

One of my favorite questions when I meet with a couple is how they met. This is one of my favorite questions because the answers surprise me more times than not. Like when I ask Meghan how she met Brandon. They both laughed and she proceeded to tell me, "I thought he was annoying when I first met him".

That's naturally not what you would expect to hear but she then proceeded to say that he grew on her and well, as they say, the rest is history.

So here we were, In historic Annapolis at the truly charming courthouse they have there. I mean most courthouse weddings are hosted in stale rooms with no windows, bad florescent lighting and minimal decoration (if you can call it decoration).

In contrast the Courthouse has these amazingly large windows that flood with room with beautiful natural light and traditional wooden pews making you feel like you're in an actual church and not a building where you just passed through airport style security.

Because of it's charm, this makes it one of my favorite locations to shoot, especially an intimate wedding like Meghan and Brandon's.

I mean, you can see from the images that if you weren't already married or didn't already book your venue you would opt to just have a few friends and family and get hitched here.

Then head to one of the amazing local restaurant/bars afterwards for some good food, delicious adult beverages (if you're into that sort of thing) and a whole lot of fun.

Makes me want to get married there now that I think about it.

Anyway, without distracting you all any further with my bad writing I will let you sit back, relax and check out some of the images from this lovely wedding.


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Meghan and Brandon-116.jpg
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