Ashley's POV: The first time I formally met Jella was at my best friend Christina's wedding (I know, cliche'). As the story goes, he approached me alongside  his cousin and introduced himself and then quickly walked away. Strangely enough, I have absolutely no recollection of that moment! One month later I flew back into town to surprise Christina.

Her beloved granny had just passed away and I was unable to attend her services so my next best thought was to surprise Christina at her annual Halloween party for a little cheering up. All night long at her party I kept walking past this person and although he was wearing a mask I could feel him looking at me (CREEP!).

Finally, near the end of the night he decided to remove his mask and approach me. His first question was "Do you remember me?". My response was, "uhhh nope!" (most likely with a very confused facial expression sometimes to be confused as angry or irritated, etc.) He proceeded to explain that he had introduced himself at Christina's wedding but got so nervous that he didn't know what else to say and walked away.

He said that during and after the wedding, he had asked around about who I was and even asked if I would be at the party and was told that I wouldn't because I lived in California. Even still, he was determined to find me. I, of course, was perplexed and slightly creeped out by this stranger basically confessing his undying love and telling me how great he thought I was despite having just met me 5 seconds ago. He literally had me cornered in my friend's kitchen telling me he was not going to let me get away this time! Normally, my instinct would have been to RUN but something about this guy had me very intrigued. It also helped that my bestie was shouting from behind that "Shany P is a good guy, talk to him!" And so I did...and we have been talking ever since. : )

Jella's POV: I saw and knew a bit about Ashley way before she knew me. I first saw her at her best friend, Christina's, wedding. Ashley had walked out in a line of how much ever people but she is the only one that caught my eyes. Sitting through the ceremony I kept glancing over to Ashley.

As we were waiting for the reception to start I asked my cousin Roy who she was. He gave me a quick synopsis and I told him to set up something real quick for Ashley and I to meet. So he does and when I tell you I was off my game, I was.

Words could not be formed for whatever reasons and all I could manage to say was "My name is Shawn." Life seemed to have been moving slow because it was the longest and most awkward two minutes of my life.

Ashley says, "Well, I'm gonna go find Christina." We parted ways and I was left stuck. Days turned to weeks but I just could not get Ashley out of my head. I kept asking about her and luckily Halloween was coming up. That was my chance to see Ashley again.

However, I was a bit thrown because I was told that Ashley was not going to be there. Some how she was able to make it to surprise Christina. At this time, I had pushed the thought out of my head about seeing Ashley any time soon. As the night progressed, I was talking to my cousin, Nick, and from the corner of my eyes I saw someone who I thought was Ashley.

So in my mind I'm thinking that Christina lied to me and I need to say something to Ashley quick before anyone else tries to make a move. Ashley and her other best friend, Sonay, went downstairs. I told Nick the story real quick and proceeded to make my way downstairs. I was able to get a closer look and sure enough it was Ashley. I wanted to say something then but I didn't because I didn't want to say anything in front of her friend.

They made their way upstairs and I shortly followed. I went back to talk to Nick and explained to him that I had to say something to Ashley. I could not let this second opportunity pass me by. For the rest of the night I was contemplating on how I would approach Ashley and get the conversation started.

All the scenarios didn't play out well in my head because she was always with Sonay. It wasn't until Ashley walked into the kitchen by herself as Nick and I were talking. I realized she was dressed as the black swan from the movie and I didn't think anyone else knew that without asking her. (I thought I was being slick).

So I said the only thing I could think of at the time, "Hey Black Swan." She looked at me and chuckled while saying, "Hi." I asked what she wanted to drink. She didn't want anything to drink at the time. Then I posed the question, "You probably don't remember me, do you?" Her face showed the confusion while she said, "Nope, I don't. Sorry. Where did we meet?" I told the story and from there on the words just flew out of my mouth.

I cornered her in the kitchen between my arms in a bold statement of not letting her go. We talked for some time. But what was even better was Christina coming over to check on Ashley. (The ultimate wing person.) Christina, behind me, interjecting "That's Shany P. He's good girl."

All the while I'm telling Ashley that I would drop all the other girls for her. Christina then says, "Girl, he don't have any other girls." In my head I'm saying, "Yeah Chrissy, keep it coming." We moved the conversation from the kitchen to the living room as the conversations got deeper and deeper. We talked till late in the morning and even though I had church in the morning I did not want to leave her side and now I don't ever have to!