o we knew we wanted to take our 6 year old to Disneyland but we wanted it to be a complete surprise. So we devised a way to blind fold her so she doesn't know where we were until we got out the car. Great thing is she feel asleep all the way until we parked.

Usually she would wake up on her own but we had to get her going a little bit and with that she was a bit confused, naturally. Not sure where we were but did notice the Donald Duck for the section we were in.

t wasn't until we took her to the overlook in the garage where she could see where we truly were. And even then the park was a little obscure. It wasn't until she saw the signage for downtown Disney that she truly knew where she was.

The excitement on her face was tremendous. Our plan went off without a hitch and we had a fantastic time, which I'm not sure how you couldn't, at the happiest place on earth.

By the end of the night, this is what everything started to look like  

Overall, it was along day at Disneyland. The Mad Hatter's Tea Cups was the last ride we were on before they shut'er down. Pretty accurate visual representation of how everything was by the end of the day haha

It's always fun to surprise the little one like this every once in a while. Gotta plan for the next one...