When you’ve been stuck in the house for two days only to go out to shovel a bit just for it to get covered again, you get a little stir crazy.

So when we decided to go for a walk to 1. Assess how our neighborhood faired and 2. Get snacks from the local corner store, it was a much needed outing.

And we couldn’t have gone at a better time. Once we stepped out I new I would have to snap a photo of Phia with the lovely sunset in the background.

Fortunately I had a C-stand in the house already with a speedlite on it. All I had to do is throw on a modifier real quick and grab a couple of shots.

And literally that’s what it was. Well I believe it was 3, don’t sue me.

Either way I liked how it turned out and ,by the way, she did this pose all be herself. Guess she’s used to me using her as a test subject all the time.

Hope everyone had a safe weekend. It’s going to be an interesting few more days dealing with the left over snow.