Nicolette + Craig: Engagement Rendezvous in Brooklyn

The Fuji 56mm 1.2 handles direct light pretty damn good.

I faintly hear an alarm creeping into my dream. Without being fully awake I knew exactly what it was. I slowly open my eyes, I see my phone light up and the alarm gradually get louder.

It's time to get up.

The cold hardwood beneath my naked feet provided that extra bit of life to get me going.

“Im awake, I’m awake”, I tell myself…

I turn the bathwater on. The rush of colder water surrounds my finger tips. A jolt. Too cold. A 3 minute wait and perfection. I pull the lever to switch to the shower head. I close the curtain…

Im glad I packed my bag the night before. it’s too early and I’ve creeped back into the Simi-zombie state we're in after you first wake up and before that first cup of coffee.

I try to get my pack on over my big winter armor. It's a struggle. But I will be enduring the elements this AM and I will need to be outfitted with the proper attire to get the job done.

Out the door. Down the stairs. Deep breath.

Lets go…

The air is sharp and unfriendly. Any exposed skin will wince and burn. The early morning is blanketed in an uncomfortable darkness. Walking down the street in an eerie calm. I’m the only one up at this hour. For New York, even Brooklyn, it feels awkward not seeing another person.



We inadvertently recreated Bob Dylan's The Freewheelin' cover.


Everyone knows the song. Rockwell. Somebody’s Watching Me. We sing it to ourselves, mostly as a joke, but oftentimes as a means to relax our busy minds. But in this case that was the case.

Thirty to forty feet back, a figure. hands in their pockets, perhaps to protect them from the biting breeze. Hood up that creates a black void where a face would be. They are walking briskly. Closing in.

What do I do? Is this person a threat or just someone else who has somewhere to go before the sun also has it’s first cup of coffee?

I cross the street. They cross. I go back, they do the same. Why?

Hold on, hold on, hold on.

Im sorry. This is the wrong story. I mistook this blog about Craig and Nicolette’s engagement photos with a sci-fi comedy thriller I'm working on. Oops.

Anyway, fast forward to the Church Av station. Hop on the F. Get off at Metrotech to snag an A train to Chambers St. Commence the uncomfortably cold 10 minute walk to the Brooklyn Bridge.

Made it. There they are. Craig and Nicolette. Glowing from the New York sunrise. Haven’t done a sunrise in NYC? Especially on one of the most iconic locations on this planet? well do yourself a favor. Do it.

That golden light though.

We all had to laugh to keep from crying because of how cold it was.

First off. Nicolette was a tremendously brave soul for wearing a dress and light stockings. All that description I gave on how unfriendly the air was. That was all true. It was cold. And that’s an understatement.

With that, in my line of work, they were everything you would hope a couple would be. Attractive, charismatic, open, fun. All of that.


Best thing to do on one of the most iconic locations in the world, grab the one you love and hug'em


Ok, ok, Jeff. Cool. They’re cute. It’s cold. Get on with the story.

Yeah, yeah. OK.

So those beautiful golden rays (the sun that is) were blasting my lens head on. Naturally, like in any photographic situation, you take some test shots. You move a dial here, turn a aperture ring there. Viola, the shot is dialed in.

Second best thing to do, snuggle up close to try to keep yourself warm.

Lets do this...

I have to say, working with clients that require minimal direction because what they are naturally great makes my job tremendously easy and at the same time makes me feel like I’m cheating. Like I feel guilty that the amazing images I’m looking at were effortlessly created.

Which has less to do with me than it does with having fantastic clients.


Nah, They're not smokin' they breathin'...

You know the look when two people are in love.

These sequence of shots are some of my favorite. Don't underestimate the Fuji 18mm on the xPro1 body.

Now that I've had them do everything but hang off the side of the bridge it's off to the next location.


So, another painfully brisk walk back to Chambers St. Though, not before I get an idea to have them hang out in the middle of a NYC street with cars whipping past them.

A couple of honks here and there but it was totally worth it. Very fun.

Fast forward from Chambers, MetroTech, hop on the F to York.


For those of you who are unaware, stands for

Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass.

Originally a ferry landing, characterized by…you know what. Head over to Wikipedia. They’ll tell you all about it. It's fascinating.

So it wouldn’t be a Brooklyn shoot without getting the iconic shot of the Manhattan bridge in the background. You know that one shot…No? well peep this.


The benefits of waking up early is the lack of people to ruin a shot.


You may be wondering, I’ve always wanted to go there! Where is it Jeff!? Well 1. You have poor Google searching skills and 2. it’s at Washington and Waters.


There, you know the secret location.

Anyways, I’ve realized I’ve rambled on a lot. So I’ll just end this with a bunch of photos we took while strolling around the area.

I have to thank Craig and Nicolette again for braving the weather. it was uncomfortable and towards the end becoming unbearable. You guys are amazing. Your love for one another really showed and it was a great pleasure working with you.

I hope they and every body else who sees these images love them as much as I loved taking them.

Until the next one…