Jeff Thatcher

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First and foremost, I feel I must admit how much I'm not a fan of talking about myself. I'm more interested in hearing about you and your story.

With all that said, I will keep it short and sweet (I know some photographers have mini memoirs on their 'About Me').

Im jeff (duh). I love taking photos (another duh). and I'm from California. But I'm in love with the beauty and history here on the east coast. 

I have a realunhealthy obsession with Dunkin Donuts. I also have a philosophy that no one should take themselves too seriously. Unless it's about Dunkin Donuts.  

Some of my greatest talents, I believe, is the ability to blend with any circle of people and to get apprehensive subjects to relax in front of my camera. I'm actually pretty good at that. 

My adaptability and willingness to get the best shot I can allows me to thrive in any situation. Rainy days, no problem. Hurricane winds, I have some great ideas. It's starting to flood? Let's roll up them pants.

ok, that's enough about me. Tell me about you